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Sample taken from A Charlie Brown Christmas.
"Everything I touch gets ruined."


Sluggishly trudging through bi-weekly paychecks
Going through motions I continue to pay rent
It feels like if I don't play it safe the walls of my life will crumble at their base.
If I lose my ground then my social life disintegrates
Pillars collapsing, crashing, burning, free-falling weight.
And I feel like a clown having a pantophobic breakdown.

Well it's the fear of tight spaces, it's the fear of being crushed a fear of freedom and a fear of being stuck a fear of losing touch a fear of keeping up.

Day after day my routine is firmly planted
I'd like to shake it up but don't know if I could withstand it
Process remains the same as all the pieces in the game fall neatly into place.
Pattern and stability are known to calm my nerves, but monotony will also make me anxious to my core.
Again I feel I'm a clown having a pantophobic breakdown.

It's not the fear of spiders per se, it's the venom sinking deep into your skin, and I'm not afraid of the forest at night- it's the unknown in the darkness deep within.

It's not the fear of crossing bridges, it's the bridge collapsing underneath the feet or the urge to jump off as you're standing near the edge over the river thinking "How deep can I sink?"


from Killing Time (​.​.​.​#untiltherevolution), released January 30, 2016



all rights reserved