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Sample taken from "Les Anarchistes" by Leo Ferre


Every day I wake up I put on my skin
I curse the sun for bringing another day again
I curse these bullets that fly past my window
Because they don't ever penetrate my skull bones

I'm shruggig my way through the clocks again
Punching in and out of a despotic conscience
There are cracks in these streets in my heart in my head
And I wish I could love you but there's too much mold in my bed

So many tones and squalls tires squealing babies screaming
My head is pounding and I hope my brain is hemorrhaging
At 25 years old I should already be dead
And I'm sorry for whining
Bu I do love our social refine
It makes me smile when our friends commit crimes
Because it's fun to talk shop about killing rapists and cops
Even though talking will never be enough


So let's all commit some crimes
Let's leave our homes and hang out in the road tonight
With a bag to your shoulder let the moon be your guide
My friends let's make a new life
Because there's more than just trying to survive
there's no sense in living just to get by
When we steal because what we have is never enough
Those laws weren't made for us

Outro Chorus: We're smashing our way through the clocks again
Punching the shit out of despotic bosses
We've torn up these streets mended our hearts and our heads
I really do love you but I'm just not happy with myself yet


from Killing Time (​.​.​.​#untiltherevolution), released January 30, 2016



all rights reserved