The Unicorn Album

by Immaculate Misconception

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released August 27, 2013

Andrew: Guitar, Vox; Mary: Saw, Violin, Clarinet; Brian: Banjo, Mandolin, Vox
Recorded by Alex Spiegel at Mob Front Records in Onalaska, WI
Artwork by Gina



all rights reserved
Track Name: Booze and Porn
Foucault and Karl Marx are turning in their graves and I’ll vomit on myself after voting today well it’s participation now so now I can’t complain and the liberals in Milwaukee all think that I’m insane/

Bakunin and Rousseau are turning in their graves saying we are born free yet so many in chains well prison and debt produce new kinds of slaves while Fox News clips tell me that I’m insane

Now booze and porn fill that empty void in my heart like when we try to do something meaningful anddon’t know where to start. Poison, shooting, back stabbing, tearing things apart. booze and porn fill that empty void in my heart

Goldman and de Cleyre are turning in their graves well I went past an abortion clinic just the other day I saw some right-wing nut-jobs holding signs out of that place, I woulda hospitalize those bastards but I was too lazy. Perlman and Kropotkin are turning in their graves it’s been a couple hundred years and we still have nation states I wrapped a flag around my face trying to create some dismay/ Tyranny pronounced what more can I say

I hope that when I die that I can rest in peace/ you know capitalism spreading just like a disease/ it’s vampire like it’s sucking like a leech/ I hope that when I die that I can rest in peace
Track Name: #bpmonsantococacolapatriotacttrucknuts#ashtagfuckingeverything
I’m alone and I’m depressed and every word I sing is digressed into one of alienation and sorrow/ so while I sing this cheery tune my life has become a ruse a boring fable of frustrated morals/ A mundane clock/ a distant fired shot/ every dollar that we pay class war perpetrates/ it’s no wonder there’s a trend for so many drug problems/ when there’s no escape from this panopticon of shame// Everything oh everything oh everything is not fine/ because nothing we do is alright// And we’re all bailing flailing from burning buildings a systemic repercussion of a malicious history/ and we’re all subjective objects of a cruel circus act clowning around with notions of a true identity/ and I fear of a day when I won’t be happy unless I’m drunk/ and most days I need that fix because/ everything about everything is just so abysmally fucked/ but so it goes//// To say that cops and soldiers are defenders of property/ and their bosses and managers are heads of companies/ is to beat a dead fucking horse/ to masturbate our self-righteous discourse/ we all want change but we can’t rely on hope/ we should be/ planting our own gardens/ becoming our own hosts/ participant communities/ and warm abandoned homes/ stop flirting with revolution/ and just fucking revolt/ because we all need something better/ than this shit we live in
Track Name: Jesus, Man
Falling down we cry out don’t let me dry out underneath this toiled ground/ searching for an answer or any god damn sign letting us know that we’re not alone/ but this imaginary dependency is keeping us from being free/ this god of yours is denying you your right to life/ like a czar like a tyrant these rules should never triumph over our will/ or our hearts/ And when we wake/ from this dream/ we will see that we’re alone but/ we are free// When we sink/ when we fall/ there will be no more/ nothing left at all/ without a god/ we will be/ decaying and alone but/ we’ll be free// Now I don’t want to say fuck your god/ but this parental patriarchy is the harm/ I know some find solace knowing we’re not alone/ but this destruction and corruption is not worth it/ this god this state this authority capitalizing hate/ has imprisoned in our place/ we need self-determination not divine intervention/ we need a human driven fate//// So now the rapture is not coming/ it’s already here/ our inability to recognize the serenity in chaos/ has left us with a flawed understanding/ of how the world really rotates and how the world really decays and how/ we’ll soon meet that exact same fate////
Track Name: Nature Song/ End Civ
can’t wait to feel another summer breeze/ I can’t wait to hear the rustling of the leaves/ I can’t wait to feel the sand beneath my feet/ Lake Michigan is calling me/ the Milwaukee River is calling me/ And we can sleep by the river in a half-sober state next to ferns on the ground / and we’ll keep warm by the campfire/ shouting sing-a-long songs until the suns going down/ I can’t wait to climb the rocks along the beach/ or lay and stare at the stars it’s like their almost in my reach/ stay up late to watch another sun rise in the East side/ Lake Michigan is calling me the Milwaukee River is calling me/ And away away to the greenest recluse/ a haven not soiled by forks or by spoons/ I will stay I will stay in this sanctified cocoon/ my troubles will decay like bones without a tomb/ I can’t wait to hike through the Riverside Woods/ pretending civilization’s ending the feeling is too good/ I’ll tell it from the mountain from the forest streams and brooks/ civilization is haunting me/ urbanization is haunting me/ Grey mineral ore and plastic sores/ digest my wistful body put to work my hallowed soul/ but here in the meadow between sapphire and green/ my blood is untainted and no longer boiling
Track Name: Get Those Animals Off Those Horses
Pigs on horses, looks like it's goin down- pandemonium downtown. 10 minutes in then I'm snatched up- cuffed in the back of a police truck. Where am I goin and what am I gonna do? Are my friends being beaten and bruised? Into the bullpen with a few friends- eating their bologna on white bread. when boredom struck once again, I made conversation with others in the pen. We said FUCK COPS FUCK PRISONS we're lookin for a better world to live in FUCK COPS FUCK PRISONS this is just survival, it's not really living.

Now it's time for interrogation, tell us what you know and what you believe in, I said I'll pass from the pressure that was on me, exercise my right to attorney. Just don't talk yeah, play it safe. Don't cooperate with the state. Keep your mouth shut and don't participate when you're captured by the state. Interrogation's over, alone in my cell. It's cold, there's no pillows, it feels like I'm in hell!

They took me to county next to the court yeah, in with some inmates we were in for some bullshit. Good people in there on trumped up charges- looks like Society has forgot them. I told them my story and they gave me some props, then they told me why they hated the cops. MPD has thrown 'em in a cell. FASCIST PIGS CAN GO TO HELL
Track Name: Solidarity Means Attack
There’s a time when conflicts arise/ feel it in your heart/ feel it in your spine/ there’s a day when conflicts at bay/ you know when to start/ it’s when we will rise/ There’s a time when conflicts arise/ feel it in your heart/ feel it in your spine/ and you say that someday I may/ be up for a fight/ well how about tonight/ There’s a time when conflicts arise/ with racist police/ brings chills to my spine/ when the boss decides to call ICE/ I won’t buy their pizza/ I won’t cross that picket line// To you my friend in struggle I’ll be there for you/ solidarity is our weapon/ It’s our greatest tool/ solidarity forever means that I’ve got your back/ Solidarity means attack! // When the teachers had a wildcat strike/ I won’t go to school/ our buildings are occupied/ There’s a day when arrests will be made/ I’ll be there for you/ because you were there for me//// When there’s talk of an oil pipeline/ you'll live in a tree/ sayin we don’t have much time/ when industrialists try to build a new mine/ monkey wrench in our hands/ we know how to fight////