Killing Time (​.​.​.​#untiltherevolution)

by Immaculate Misconception

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K-Rad: flute
Brain Grout: banjo, mandolin, vocals
Andrew the Red: guitar, vocals
Leah O!: bass, vocals, album art
Sam: washboard, vocals


released January 30, 2016



all rights reserved
Track Name: Intro
Let me tell you a story/ a story of disjunction and disconnect/ disdain and dismay/ and let us sing you a song/ a song composed of our most grandiose dreams and desires/ a deliverance from the drought/ and as we sing we will float down a riverbed of noise/ cascading over rapids/ careening over falls/ and we will plummet into the deep dark abyss/ and we will sing
Track Name: Delusions of Grandeur
When the revolution comes I want to lay by your side, looking at the cosmos shifting under our new night sky, but when will our day come, and how will we fight? when we're so beaten down- it's almost hard to try. And there may be a problem when I see a bottle of molotov, and I'd rather drink it down, than have it ignite what's destroying us. As I shout WE WILL RISE to a utopian sort of perfection I was left confused with no direction.

So where will we go from here? Delusions of grandeur quell my inner fears like FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT THE POLICE AND WRECK WRECK WRECK THE BOURGEOISIE- I like to think I could muster the courage.

When the revolution comes, I'll be honest with myself. Destroy all my vices- bid them farewell. And as the new dawn approaches how can we tell the future generations we'd been living in hell? And something might be wrong when I'm too scared to bring a rifle to a protest, because all the cops have guns, and I don't really wanna die right now. As I shout WE WILL RISE I was tackled to the ground toward oppression. I was left confused with no direction.

Skyscrapers fall from the trees making cracks in the city streets. Everything for all is the economic paradigm we will bring. We'll survive the Fall and storm through heaven's pearly gates. Everything for all- we will make this our new fate.
Track Name: Empire Song pt.2 (Striking the Empire Back)
Falling through a dreamscape/ a dystopian conglomerate/ a multi-faceted spider web where we will live and die our fate/ but Oh empire oh empire/ how far can you see/ where power transcends disparities begin/ find one source of capital/ and you will find one neck to behead/ but oh empire/ your prisons/ may be the death of me
But we are not afraid to die/ and we will dig your grave in time/ oh empire empire we will bring you to your knees/ there is blood in this brick/ there is filth in the air/ these streams are full of chemicals from the mountains you laid bare/
Oh empire empire can you hear us scream
Doom/ Gloom
Your rape culture picks up/ where your white supremacy drops off/ your capital employs soldiers at home and abroad/ but we have more than your chains/ we have our radical queer ways/ we have your downfall in our hands/ that we haven't washed in days/
Oh empire empire how far can you see
Oh empire empire how far can you see
Oh empire empire we will bring you to your knees
Oh empire empire can you hear us scream
Because we are not afraid to die and we will dig your grave in time/
oh empire empire we will bring you to your knees/ your towers are gravesites/ your colonies are landmines/ oh empire empire can you hear us scream
Oh empire empire how far can you see
Track Name: Detournement Now!
This is a call for those who hear
And the crowds are drawing near
And we caught 'em by the ear
Saying not to live in fear of
Surveillance down upon us

Shouting everything must go
Screaming in refusal “NO”
Everyone agrees I'm told
That it's about to explode
Like social rupture has
Found us

Jam up the culture create the situation
Hijack propaganda until our new world's won

And in an effort to sound nostalgic
Recall the times we all first met
We were planning the revolution
Now you're off suppporting DemocRATS
Like a sunrise over the lake
It was our chance to interject
And if we don't wake up now
We'll be repeating corporate slogans 'til our death.

You know we're droppin' banners hard
Vandalizing police cars
Late night plotting in our yards
As we look out at the stars to
Remind us that we can shoot the moon

We'll come at life with daggers drawn
As we're waking with the dawn
No point in telling right from wrong
and I'll keep singing these songs
So we won't forget what we went through

So we can dance to the collapse open the insurrection
Or we'll be beaten to the ground when there's no where left to run

and in our efforts to sound poetic
did you not absorb these texts?
We still have one and only option
Track Name: Pantophobia
Sluggishly trudging through bi-weekly paychecks
Going through motions I continue to pay rent
It feels like if I don't play it safe the walls of my life will crumble at their base.
If I lose my ground then my social life disintegrates
Pillars collapsing, crashing, burning, free-falling weight.
And I feel like a clown having a pantophobic breakdown.

Well it's the fear of tight spaces, it's the fear of being crushed a fear of freedom and a fear of being stuck a fear of losing touch a fear of keeping up.

Day after day my routine is firmly planted
I'd like to shake it up but don't know if I could withstand it
Process remains the same as all the pieces in the game fall neatly into place.
Pattern and stability are known to calm my nerves, but monotony will also make me anxious to my core.
Again I feel I'm a clown having a pantophobic breakdown.

It's not the fear of spiders per se, it's the venom sinking deep into your skin, and I'm not afraid of the forest at night- it's the unknown in the darkness deep within.

It's not the fear of crossing bridges, it's the bridge collapsing underneath the feet or the urge to jump off as you're standing near the edge over the river thinking "How deep can I sink?"
Track Name: Friendship (A) Crime
Every day I wake up I put on my skin
I curse the sun for bringing another day again
I curse these bullets that fly past my window
Because they don't ever penetrate my skull bones

I'm shruggig my way through the clocks again
Punching in and out of a despotic conscience
There are cracks in these streets in my heart in my head
And I wish I could love you but there's too much mold in my bed

So many tones and squalls tires squealing babies screaming
My head is pounding and I hope my brain is hemorrhaging
At 25 years old I should already be dead
And I'm sorry for whining
Bu I do love our social refine
It makes me smile when our friends commit crimes
Because it's fun to talk shop about killing rapists and cops
Even though talking will never be enough


So let's all commit some crimes
Let's leave our homes and hang out in the road tonight
With a bag to your shoulder let the moon be your guide
My friends let's make a new life
Because there's more than just trying to survive
there's no sense in living just to get by
When we steal because what we have is never enough
Those laws weren't made for us

Outro Chorus: We're smashing our way through the clocks again
Punching the shit out of despotic bosses
We've torn up these streets mended our hearts and our heads
I really do love you but I'm just not happy with myself yet
Track Name: Minimum Wage Zombie pt. 2 (The Power)
This song goes out to those who get shat on everyday
Turned to zombies while they're working for a wage

For the ones who get wasted everyday-
No point in waking up only to clock in to dismay

*and when we think
that we will sink
on the streets with our feet stuck the ground/ (with feet firmly planted on the ground and)
we're gonna fight/build the/our power

and This is for the ones who are stepped on everyday
stuck to the bottom those who find themselves in last place

for the ones who are quantified arriving late
Your life and time are numbers and there is no other way
Track Name: #ashtag Fucking Everything pt. 2 (Schools are Prisons are Hospitals are Militaries are Totalities are Bodies are HashtagFuckingEverything)
At war with/ the existent
My body is on fire and I want to watch it burn/ but my eyes are melting from my sockets/ and I stutter as my tongue knocks away its teeth while it/ tries to escape its unhinged prison beat/ my stomach strains to contain its nefarious bucolic boiling contents/ while my kidneys and liver are in a free-for-all fistfight/ and death is the grand prize/ death is the grand prize/

but to die with honor is the propaganda of a false-consciousness/ an arrogance of the human condition

Chorus: Our bodies are vessels shipping our brains to the border/ sitting in piss a window at the shoulder/ a passenger is dressed up in the latest social order/ as a bomb detonates and resonates a fluid performance
Kaboom Kaboom

At war with/ the existent
My colon slithers through my sphincter/ whispers solemn goodbyes/ my gallbladder sheds a single tear/ it lived as it will die/ oh how great it will feel to be alive/ oh how great it will feel to be alive/ my testicles pop like cherry bombs severing my penis like an industrial excavation/ and as it falls to the ground and tries to inch away it falls victim to my feet's stumble and sashay/
as they try to balance my self-decay

My toenails liberate themselves to an empty future/ and signal with their fists to their comrades on my hands/ who watch forlorn from their shackled pits/ as the fires lick my fingertips and I think/ Oh how great it will feel to be alive/
Track Name: Solidarity pt. 2 (Preparing for Attack)
We've entered in a time; to act on what we know is right
Tension boiling, temperatures rising high
We find ourselves in a day where contradictions are at play
It's time to chose a side and fight

Do you remember the time when we were called on to fight
Punching and screaming and facing off to cars with all our might
'cuz the bus drivers weren't getting breaks; ya know they'll go on strike
and we'll block off these streets, and we'll march the picket line

And I'll stand with you as our dreams break free from our minds
Running against the wind
like flowers from dirt
Side by side and front to back
We're preparing for attack

Do you remember the days we took over interstates
Ferguson to Baltimore, Milwaukee and the Bay
As we shout BLACK LIVES MATTER- we're goin' all fired up
and we won't stop 'til these killer cops body rott

When you went through those times, alone you were confined
I'll look forward to your letters just to know you're still alive
When fellow workers are tortured, we'll see that they survive
For every soul locked behind bars. I'll fight on the outside
Track Name: Tyranny of the Clock
Working hours pass through the dreary souls
The face of the clock has (shows) the eyes of the foe
Glaring into us, taunting at our woe
One day is over with a lifetime to go

And the gears grind, grind, grind,
Imprisoned by/in time, time, time

Aspects of our lives become mechanized
Through endless conquest to civilize
Stare back at they eyes-we are quantified
and so discipline is industrialized