by Immaculate Misconception

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Shit We Do
C-H-E-A-T the system that exploits me/ S-T-E-A-L from corporates that make your life hell/ make another plan make another plan but you fail/ pick another fight pick another fight but you just flail/ pick the upper crust pick the upper crust but its stale/ scheme another scam scheme a scam now you’re going to jail now you’re going to jail// Oh the shit we do to get by/ oh the shit we do to get by/ expired food and stolen booze will get me through the night/ all the shit we do to get by// Drink the water dry drink the water dry from your cup/ you cry beg plead politician mine was never at the top/ but they don't hear the people they don't hear their doors and windows are shut/so it's self help by your own rules now you're locked up//// The cameras not on these the cameras not on these man/ money ain’t a thing money ain’t a thing man/ you know I got your back fam you know I got your back fam/ just watch out for police just watch out for police man ////
Ode to Weatherman
We cling to our freedom like it’s the best thing we got/ and somehow it justifies everything we’ve done/ from the blood in the streets we ignore and persevere/ to the death around the world we shrug and sneer/ it doesn’t matter who we kill in cold blood/ it’s all for the cause of U.S. imperialism/ but when it happens at home it’s a great atrocity/ the reflection of war is still unseen// so bring it home bring it home bring it home for them to see// with any luck the people will outvote the war machine/ with any hope the military will remove their hands/ from the pockets of the congressmen and women/ and with a little bit of fortitude we will abolish war and its popularity amongst the hoards//// that the killing of others is the killing of you and me
//Dignity means nothing at a minimum wage job/ dignity is worthless when my right is your wrong/ dignity has disappeared disintegrated drowned in fear/ disaster in the future is drawing near// Dignity equality/ is more than not saying I’m sorry/ My liberty equality/ is adverse to authority/ Quality in life/ that term’s become foreign to me/ No point in positivity/ I’ll take those bastards down with me//// Dignity respect and honor/ urban legends folklore myths/ honest living is a goner/ don’t use your words put up your fists/ Devastation hate and horror/ modern life’s most precious gifts/ Some have lots while others squalor/ I feel like I’m chained at my wrists/ Dignity has left this place/ sell your soul save your face/ Dignity is only real/ when rights are honored and not repealed/ Do you work for a purpose/ or is it a false perception/ Ask yourself this one big question/ are you a person or a fucking slave/ To be dignified/ self-worth is just a bourgeois myth/ Confused all the time/ how did things end up quite like this/ To be dignified/ break free from shackles on my wrist/ and vomit all my pride/ I’ll shout and yell and scream and spit/
Love is Boring (Anti-love Song)
We are all a mess/ just trash a disconjunct of the world we once knew/ simmering spoiling over-flowing nomads/ searching for why we are so so confused/ Throughout this unsolved case/ I cannot stifle a statement of my own painful solitude/ I will never feel at home/ I will always be alone/ A distance I know all too well/ A prison within myself/ This failure at connection/ a disassociation that I have with you/ is not something I desire but something that I have construed// So I will hold onto this because it’s all I have and I’m all I have and you are all for you/ when I stumble back home to a bed that’s so cold I really do long for you/ but I can’t quite grip the notion that what I desire is what I’m meant for/ and I’m reaching the conclusion that my depression is the answer I deserve// We all live and die alone/ for we are all we have and we are all we know/ This world is so questionable and our paths are so askew/ Peace is not possible/ even though war is a horrifying truth/ violence is embedded in our lives in our souls and our minds/ and is a necessity all of our own/ In relation to that/ the pursuit of happiness is a mockery of life/ why the fuck should we be happy/ why the fuck should we love/ if we don’t feel anger and hate as well//// Because I really don’t want to be alone/ But I really just don’t know/ whether I’m meant for this emotion this so-called love/ that has become so profound to us and yet so bleary/ oh well/ Your fear is nonsensical/ your anger is beautiful/ your love is overemphasized/ and your contentment is a lie/ What’s the point of being bland if you’re gonna die in the end/ and yes I really wanna love someone/ and yes I would like to confide in you/ but I often wonder if it would be the truth//// It’s not what I want but It’s what I deserve/
Corn Dumpster
//Subsidize/ Privatize/ Sell it back at an inflated price// Production comes at a horrible price/ creation out of destruction/ it’s a perversion of our lives/ The economy shifts with the environment/ taking what they want/ giving nothing back/ selling what they can/ denying us our pride/ handing us our complaints with no options/ only one resource/ lambs at the slaughter/ we are a stale overused cliché//// Because you and I are filler just like the shit they put in our food/ void of nutrition or purpose/ we are not cherished but used/ we are in excess at the corn industry’s disposal/ frivolous and oversought/ we are mechanized subsidized and sold back to us at an inflated price/ The government’s a corn monster/ and we’re all corn dumpsters
Get Those Animals Off Those Horses
Pigs on horses/ looks like it’s going down/ pandemonium downtown/ ten minutes in then I’m snatched up/ cuffed in the back of a police truck/ where am I going and what am I gonna do/ are my friends being beaten and bruised/ into the bullpen with a few friends/ eating their bologna on white bread/ when boredom struck/ once again/ I made conversation with others in the pen// We said fuck cops/ we said fuck prisons/ we’re looking for a better world to live in/ fuck cops/ fuck prisons/ this is just survival it’s not really living// Now it’s time for interrogation/ tell us what you know/ what you believe in/ I said I’ll pass from the pressure that was on me/ exercise my right to attorney/ trumped up talk yeah/ play it safe/ Don’t cooperate with the state/ keep your mouth shut and don’t participate/ when you’re captured by the state/ interrogations over/ alone in my cell/ it’s cold/ there’s no pillows/ it feels like I’m in hell//// Took me to county next to the court/ In with some inmates we were in for some bullshit/ good people and their trumped up charges/ looks like society has forgot them/ told them my story and they gave me some props/ then they told me why they hated the cops/ MPD has thrown them in a cell/ fascist pigs can go to hell////
House Song
This is a song about the place I live/ It almost makes more sense just to live off the grid/ landlords don’t do a god damn thing except to collect our dollar/ but the rent is so damn cheap I don’t mind living in squalor/ Cobwebs in every corner/ toilets always broke/ we’re not doing anything about it/ why give a fuck// Jump into the air the structure shakes when we land/ leaky black mold ceilings impossible to mend/ my refrigerator sounds like a hardcore band/ and all of my friends tell me that this house should be condemned// Run down complex Wright Street is the place I reside/ back alley middle of the lot if you need a place to hide/ we don’t have much to give aside from crass drunk company/ but FTP ACAB makes you a friend to me/ Writing on the walls/ windows busted out/ punk rock on the record player/ gonna get real loud//// This house has no right angles and our hands are balled in fists/ crisis we are a means/ there is no end to this/ sing loud/ rage hard/ stolen drink in our hands/ Satan’s always told me that this is the promise land
Minimum Wage Zombie
My life feels like the same old shit/ Get a job and have a kid/ continue to work for Uncle Sam/ It’s starting to get real old/ even though I’m not really that old/ I guess that’s just how it goes// Las dees and das// What more can I say/ guess I’m just having a bad day/ don’t mean to bring you down/ and maybe I’m just cynical/ but our lives seem like a joke/ and I can’t tell if this world is decaying/ I know I should be having fun/ but it feels like I’m on the run/ and hiding from the impending truth//// I’m sure I could give in to this world/ settle for a cubicle/ work nine to five and watch t.v. in the evenings/ what a blissful life that would be/ the same ol’ same ol’ monotony/ living the american dream/ on that note I have just one last line/ go fuck yourself because I’m not buying/ what I’ve been subjected to//// I feel like I’m being used
Empire Song
They built up their empire/ too big to fail/ and hammered down/ all the dissident nails/ Don’t believe in their elections/ those mouths are not true/ No party is not representing any of your views/ They built up their army and patrol the skies/ to be willing to fight is to be willing to die/ They’ve killed our lovers our brothers our sisters and our friends/ worthwhile lives for an unjustified end/ Build counter-power resistance culture/ the world is our stage and it’s time to perform/ So build your communes build your masses build your schools build your bombs/ let’s burn down these fucking buildings and learn to grow our own crops/ Awakened by the thoughts I keep/ I toss and turn not sound asleep/ Awakened by the thoughts I keep/ Let’s make our dreams reality/ There is no promise only hope/ be determined keep your pose/ there is no future without action and no rejoicing without tears/ Reality/ Throw your bombs


released March 15, 2013

Andrew- guitar, vocals
Brian- mandolin, ukelele, vocals
Mary- clarinet, musical saw, ghost noises



all rights reserved