A Spectacular Commodity

by Immaculate Misconception

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Brain Grout: vocals, banjo, mandolin, sax
Andrew the Red: vocals, guitar
Rebel Elle: vocals, violin, mandolin, ukelele

Recorded by Matthew Boman
Artwork by Mary Rage


released May 22, 2015



all rights reserved
Track Name: Pantophobia
Sluggishly trudging through bi-weekly paychecks
Going through motions I continue to pay rent
It feels like if I don't play it safe the walls of my life will crumble at their base.
If I lose my ground then my social life disintegrates
Pillars collapsing, crashing, burning, free-falling weight.
And I feel like a clown having a pantophobic breakdown.

Well it's the fear of tight spaces, it's the fear of being crushed a fear of freedom and a fear of being stuck a fear of losing touch a fear of keeping up.

Day after day my routine is firmly planted
I'd like to shake it up but don't know if I could withstand it
Process remains the same as all the pieces in the game fall neatly into place.
Pattern and stability are known to calm my nerves, but monotony will also make me anxious to my core.
Again I feel I'm a clown having a pantophobic breakdown.

It's not the fear of spiders per se, it's the venom sinking deep into your skin, and I'm not afraid of the forest at night- it's the unknown in the darkness deep within.

It's not the fear of crossing bridges, it's the bridge collapsing underneath the feet or the urge to jump off as you're standing near the edge over the river thinking "How deep can I sink?"
Track Name: Robin Graves
I wanna drink all night and call in sick to work, but that's not gonna happen 'cuz then I'd be broke. And I'm feeling a little under the weather- work's got me down. I wonder if things will get better. I wanna walk off the job, but there's no safety net, so I guess for now I'll be complacent. What the fuck world?

And no matter how I play, I'll never win that way, and no matter what I do, I'm just gonna lose.

I wanna live free or die and MAKE TOTAL DESTROY, build the war machines. It's gonna be a convoy. What is it like to live without restraint, without government or capital, where is this place? Where life's direct and real, nothin too spectacular, where romantic situation comedies won't be our standards, where is this place?

So come on, Drew, turn that frown upside down.
Feels like I'm eating shit with my face in the ground.
Just try to smile and try to stand tall.
Like I'm already dead and my grave's being robbed.

And ya know that I'll say that I love all of you, and I hope in *exchange* that you'll love me, but what does all that even mean when our relationships are mediated by commodities?
Track Name: Solidarity Means Attack
There’s a time when conflicts arise/ feel it in your heart/ feel it in your spine/ there’s a day when conflicts at bay/ you know when to start/ it’s when we will rise/ There’s a time when conflicts arise/ feel it in your heart/ feel it in your spine/ and you say that someday I may/ be up for a fight/ well how about tonight/ There’s a time when conflicts arise/ with racist police/ brings chills to my spine/ when the boss decides to call ICE/ I won’t buy their pizza/ I won’t cross that picket line// To you my friend in struggle I’ll be there for you/ solidarity is our weapon/ It’s our greatest tool/ solidarity forever means that I’ve got your back/ Solidarity means attack! // When the teachers had a wildcat strike/ I won’t go to school/ our buildings are occupied/ There’s a day when arrests will be made/ I’ll be there for you/ because you were there for me//// When there’s talk of an oil pipeline/ you'll live in a tree/ sayin we don’t have much time/ when industrialists try to build a new mine/ monkey wrench in our hands/ we know how to fight
Track Name: Communism On My Mind
I've got communism on my mind. I work all day, and hell, I feel like a slave.

When you're standing on that assembly line, and thinking to yourself, why do I bother to pray to God when life on earth is hell? And I ain't done nothin wrong, yet this life I gotta lead. If God was real, then God would damn this goddamn factory.

So you don't put together parts, but you're servin up fancy meals. It's hot in the kitchen and the customers are rich, so you spit on all their veal. Or you're stuck in a call center, and you feel like you're going insane- well make that call and let 'em know I AIN'T GOIN TO WORK TODAY.

Unemployment's got you down and you feel like you wanna cry? Well turn that frown upside down- put communism on your mind. Organize fellow workers class-mates and neighbors. Raise your fist, and sing it loud WE'RE THE WORKERS OF THE WORLD.
Track Name: Dignity
Dignity means nothing at a minimum wage job. dignity is pointless when my right is your wrong/ dignity has disappeared disintegrated drowned in fear/ disaster in the future is drawing near

Dignity, equality is more than not saying I’m sorry/ My liberty, equality is adverse to authority/ Quality in life/ that term’s become foreign to me/ No point in positivity/ I’ll take those bastards down with me

Dignity respect and honor/ urban legends, folklore, myths/ honest living is a goner/ don’t use your words put up your fists/ Devastation hate and horror/ modern life’s most precious gifts/ Some have wealth while others, squalor/ I feel like I’m chained at my wrists/

Dignity has left this place/ sell your soul save your face/ Dignity is only real/ when rights are honored and not repealed/ Do you work for a purpose/ or is it a false perception? Ask yourself this one question/ are you a person or a fucking SLAVE?

To be dignified/ self-worth is just a bourgeois myth/ Confused all the time/ how did things end up quite like this/ To be dignified/ break free from shackles on my wrist/ and vomit all my pride/ I’ll shout and yell and scream and spit/
Track Name: Jesus, Man
Falling down we cry out don’t let me dry out underneath this toiled ground/ searching for an answer or any god damn sign letting us know that we’re not alone/ but this imaginary dependency is keeping us from being free/ this god of yours is denying you your right to life/ like a czar like a tyrant these rules should never triumph over our will/ or our hearts/ And when we wake/ from this dream/ we will see that we’re alone but/ we are free// When we sink/ when we fall/ there will be no more/ nothing left at all/ without a god/ we will be/ decaying and alone but/ we’ll be free// Now I don’t want to say fuck your god/ but this parental patriarchy is the harm/ I know some find solace knowing we’re not alone/ but this destruction and corruption is not worth it/ this god this state this authority capitalizing hate/ has imprisoned in our place/ we need self-determination not divine intervention/ we need a human driven fate//// So now the rapture is not coming/ it’s already here/ our inability to recognize the serenity in chaos/ has left us with a flawed understanding/ of how the world really rotates and how the world really decays and how/ we’ll soon meet that exact same fate////
Track Name: Betcha Do
Do you know what it's like to hate everything around you? I betcha do, I betcha do. To be down and pissed and bitter and you lock yourself inside of your room? To have that feeling in your stomach that acquires when you start feeling blue? and the weight that's in your chest- it holds you down 'til you can't even move?

So notice, just know this, I've been there and we are not alone. If you need a hand, don't be afraid to ask. Reciprocity emerges from a heart of gold, and we are not alone.
Track Name: Delusions of Grandeur
When the revolution comes I want to lay by your side, looking at the cosmos shifting under our new night sky, but when will our day come, and how will we fight? when we're so beaten down- it's almost hard to try. And there may be a problem when I see a bottle of molotov, and I'd rather drink it down, than have it ignite what's destroying us. As I shout WE WILL RISE to a utopian sort of perfection I was left confused with no direction.

So where will we go from here? Delusions of grandeur quell my inner fears like FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT THE POLICE AND WRECK WRECK WRECK THE BOURGEOISIE- I like to think I could muster the courage.

When the revolution comes, I'll be honest with myself. Destroy all my vices- bid them farewell. And as the new dawn approaches how can we tell the future generations we'd been living in hell? And something might be wrong when I'm too scared to bring a rifle to a protest, because all the cops have guns, and I don't really wanna die right now. As I shout WE WILL RISE I was tackled to the ground toward oppression. I was left confused with no direction.

Skyscrapers fall from the trees making cracks in the city streets. Everything for all is the economic paradigm we will bring. We'll survive the Fall and storm through heaven's pearly gates. Everything for all- we will make this our new fate.